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Rescue and re - homing centre for the Norwegian forest cat  and working together to promote the  preservation and original qualities of the breed



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Available kittens are listed in date of birth order, kittens which are not sold by the age of 18 weeks will be removed and listed on the Adolescents List until such time they are homed.


Breeders listed here are members of The Norwegian Forest Cat Society and agree to abide by the code of ethics, recommendations and guidelines laid down by their registering body pertaining to the sale of Norwegian Forest Cats and Kittens. We do recommend you satisfy yourself in areas of  health and welfare of your chosen breeders cats and kittens;  it is not advisable to purchase a kitten with obvious symptoms of illness. Inclusion on this list should not be interpreted as a recommendation.

A note for breeders listing kittens as available here:

Please inform the kitten list co-ordinator when your kittens are reserved/sold. This ensures our lists are up to date providing good customer service. Thank you.

Please visit our Adolescent List to see available kittens from the age of 14 weeks old.


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