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Merchandise for sale for our Norwegian Forest Cat Welfare Fund


Please familiarise yourselves with the information below especially Becoming a Norwegian Forest Cat adoptee

if you can provide a safe and secure home email with your interest to

Lorraine (Welfare Officer) email below.



Brown Tabby Neutered - Female - Beautiful cat with a nice temperament BUT  can be a bit hissy  for first few days until she settles and will need time to settle as not been well treated and lost her ability to trust. Once she has become accustomed she is a lovely affectionate girl. This one needs a special owner who will have patience with her and not want to scoop her up for cuddles for a few days - any adjustment needs to be on her terms.

Gets on very well with large dogs -  not small ones - needs a forever home with no children and as an only cat with an experienced cat owner who will give her the time and space she needs to settle.


Brown Tabby female approx 3 years old - very fiesty  and difficult to handle  has lost all trust in the human hand  which is so sad . Would suit a very rural home where she can can be allowed safely outside  - a farm would be idea along with a very experienced and committed for life new owner. This girl is young enough to adjust and make a lovely cat in time I am sure.



Norwegian Forest Cat Welfare

Firstly, if you have a welfare concern that requires help and assistance or you would like to put yourself forward as an adoptee please email Lorraine at norgeskaukatt@sky.com If you would like to contact us by telephone please see our Committee page for details.


The Norwegian Forest Cat Society has two welfare officers, namely, Lorraine and Simon, both very experienced in their field to help Norwegian Forest Cats in need.

From time to time and especially in the financial climate we are faced with at present, there may be Norwegian Forest cats in need of a new placement. This situation can arise for many different reasons and mostly with genuine problems from well meaning owners who are no longer able to give appropriate care.

Examples of cats in need can be:

Change in family circumstances may call for moving home, possibly to rented property that stipulate no pets.

Change in financial circumstances.

Illness or Death in the family.

Expensive ongoing medical treatment.

Behavioural problems including inappropriate soiling, the cat may be unmanageable for several reasons.

A cat has become lost or stolen, resulting in walking the streets.

Of course and thankfully very rare, there may be cats needing homes due to neglect, abuse or abandonment.

All these are very real reasons why sometimes a Norwegian Forest Cat may need a new home and for us whatever the reason we will be there to act accordingly in the best interests of  a cats welfare.

Please note: Our welfare section does not purchase cats or kittens  and we do not sell cats or kittens for breeders or owners.


Cats in Welfare

Each cat or kitten that comes into our welfare section to stay with us for a term will be assessed on an individual  basis and in strictest confidence by our experienced welfare officers. (Updated 14th January 2019)

Firstly, the cats  will be scanned for a microchip to identify any ownership details then health assessed by a veterinary surgeon, providing  all is well, If needed,  screened for the FeLV /FIV viruses. If required, vaccinations, parasite treatment, and a micro-chip will be administered at an appropriate time. All cats that come into the welfare and before being appropriately placed will be neutered or spayed.

Some cats we have are in appalling states in terms of their coats. We have had  occasions whereby the cats need anaesthesia and a complete shave, this is not inexpensive and as a result we need funds to make certain we can provide the best care possible.

From the outset all cats/kittens behaviour will be assessed for temperament with exposure to normal social stimuli over a period of time. From these observations we can identify the best future owner and placement and have more success in hopefully placing with a permanent adoptee. Once the cat/kitten has been declared by a veterinary surgeon to be in good health and fit to be rehabilitated into a new placement we will match up the cat to appropriate owners.

Occasionally we can arrange collection/delivery of a cat from their existing home straight to their new home  providing all is well. This is  better for the cat as it is less moves and less stress.


Cats and their welfare are first the Owners responsibility. When owners can no longer accept their responsibility and require help to re home their cats, we do, and it is appropriate to ask, and expect a donation from the Owners  to help facilitate a new placement.

Regarding cats needing homes that are in good health and can remain with the owners until a new placement is found we  do ask that the owners supply us a copy of the vaccination cards and also have the cats health checked by a vet prior to placement. (Updated 14th January 2019)

The Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue and Welfare Society relies solely on donations in order to provide for cats in need particularly ones who are due to neglect and abuse and hence have huge veterinary bills , and to help alleviate stress of the owners who have cats in good health need a solution due to change of circumstances.  As the owner of the cats who need  re-homing  assistance it is appropriate for us to ask for a minimum donation from you of 30 gbp to at least cover the costs of administration. This prevents the use of funds that are desperately needed  towards the high costs of welfare cases in serious need.

This can be wavered for exceptional circumstances such as illness or death of the owner.

We have a non destruction policy.


Becoming a Norwegian Forest Cat Society Adoptee

You may register your interest with our welfare officers for adopting a Norwegian Forest cat.

Adopting a cat may involve a home check made by our welfare officers or a responsible breeder from the area where new owners reside.

There will be an adoption agreement to sign.

We ask for a donation  of £200 per cat to help towards the veterinary expenses and welfare costs for cats in serious need.

Welfare officers will be available for advice, guidance and support for the lifetime duration of any cat placed by the Norwegian Forest Cat Society.

The cat always remains in the system of the TNFCS and in the event of a further placement the cat is returned to our welfare section.(Updated 14th January 2019)

It is stated in the original Norwegian history:

No matter how well provided for a Forest cat is - if they are of a mind to roam they will go and sadly many are killed before the age of 2 years old".

With this in mind the Norwegian Forest Cat Society will only allow adopters a cat if they are going to provide an indoor home and or with the safety of a cat enclosure or cat proofed garden. Please do not apply if you are not prepared to adhere to these welfare regulations.

Pease note that no papers including pedigree or registration are passed on to the adopters. The pedigree of any forest cat in our welfare are checked and confirmed by us and retained by us.


We welcome donations to our Norwegian Forest Cat Welfare fund.

If you would like to make a donation you can do so in the form of a cheque made payable to The Norwegian Forest Cat Society with a covering letter making the payment to welfare, and send to
TNFCS Welfare Officers at

2 West End Cottage
North Yorkshire. DL82TW


39 Barbourne Lane

Or you may like to donate through PayPal below. Please mark the PayPal payment as Donation to Welfare".

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed donations and support to the Norwegian Forest Cat Society you are all important to us. Even a small token is appreciated and very helpful.

Thank You!


Thank you for your Donations 2019


Emma L

Blu C



These  cats now have a new home and are therefore no longer available

George and Leo




White female in an awful condition with a serious skin allergy on most of her body - despite many hundreds of pounds spent by the original owners via several Veterinary practices including a specialist  a cure was not found, This girl has had to wear a t shirt and a collar for many years as a preventative to constantly scratching  and injuring herself even more - imagine that!  constant itching and unable to scratch.

This girl has been re-homed and within 2 weeks has been turned around - no more t shirt or collar and her coat is growing back. Thank you Claire you have done a wonderful job with her. It is these times which makes rescue and welfare worthwhile.



2 weeks later

Black Male now has a lovely new home - Thank you Diana.

Blue and White Neutered male age born 2006

Black Smoke neutered female born 2007



Brown  Classic Tabby Male born 2009 Silver Tabby British Shorthair born 2009


Black and White neutered male born 2008

Black Mackerel Tabby spayed female born 2008











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