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Merchandise for sale for our Norwegian Forest Cat Welfare Fund



        Norwegian Forest Cat head Logo
           Outdoor /Indoor Resin Wall Plaques
16cm x 22cm
       (exclusive design for our society)
Made to order
Aluminium effect Bronze effect
 Attractive heavy resin plaques complete with hanger on reverse.
Ideal for house name / cattery name / memorial plaques etc.
There is space to put the name of your choice.
£20.00 each including P&P

Our very own Norwegian Forest Cat Society story.

Hugin meets the magic robin - Childrens Story  - aged 5 - 7 years (it is also a very moving story for adults too!)

Available Now in english - Limited Edition of 1000 copies of  this lovely booklet

This story has now been translated into the Norwegian language - these will soon become available for purchase.
Purchasing this lovely story will go towards raising funds for the Norwegian Forest Cat Society welfare fund assisting Forest cats in need.
Hugin Booklet
Details to follow
Hugin is a real and very much alive Norwegian Forest cat.

Read on below for an excerpt from the Society’s very own Christmas story


Dawn was breaking, and through the window, Hugin could see a blanket of snow covering the ground, he had been watching the snow fall gently throughout the night as he sat by the window in the kitchen during his many nocturnal patrols. To the other garden creatures he appeared to be relaxed during these rounds and they were so used to it that they just slept through. But all the while Hugin’s senses were alert checking that there were no spiders lurking around in his indoor domain but also that there were no intruders to the garden especially other cats!

 As he sat watching, the first rays of light began to sparkle like gems on the smooth blanket of snow; Hugin became aware again of the loud but sweet song. Once started, this melody silenced the other songbirds in the garden as the notes were held on the air for a moment before their beautiful clear sound began to crescendo through the air on their merry way towards the emerging winter sun.

Suddenly, a small brown bird, who appeared to be responsible for this melody hopped out from behind a laurel bush leaving a zigzag trail of ‘V’ like claw marks in the snow. Suddenly he spotted Hugin and flew up landing on the window sill from which he gave Hugin a cheeky glance!  ‘Who are you?’ He chirped in a very loud voice!

Well, Hugin was quite astonished. This was the first time that he had encountered a bird that could communicate with animals in the same way that he could – by magic! Not to be challenged by the very bold little chap, (who, was wearing a very bright red waistcoat!) Hugin calmly lay down with his head and magnificent long white whiskers very close to the window in the hope that this would scare the cheeky little fellow away. After all, he thought this pose usually frightened off the very large crows if they came too close to any one of his vantage points.

Hugin hoped that if he could keep up his pose that the little cheeky bird would fly off and leave him in peace! But, to his amazement quite the opposite happened — the tiny bird started to sing again, and much to the annoyance of the cat it began to dance about on the windowsill in a very jaunty fashion. Hugin slowly opened one eye, and then the other and stared directly at the little bird and said is a very deliberate voice ‘what do you want little bird?’ ‘I just wanted to introduce myself’, chirped the little bird; ‘and to let you know that I’ve decided to make this garden my new home. My name is Robin and I'm very pleased to meet you.’ There was a very long pause; all the other creatures that were awake in the garden became hushed as they watched Hugin who stood up, arched his back and gave a long slow stretch. ‘Oh’, he said, (in a voice he kept for when he was most annoyed) ‘is that right, my little feathered friend, well because you have been very polite I will tell you... my name is Hugin and I'm a big bold Norwegian Forest cat. I can’t say that I’m happy to make your acquaintance’ he continued, ‘so... meow... you need to get one thing straight; I’m in charge around here and I have to warn you I’m not amused by your very loud singing so early in the morning, it really has to STOP!’


... if you are interested in finding out what happens next you will need to purchase a copy of the story – all proceeds help to raise funds for the society welfare section. For more information please contact Monica fundraising officer at



£2.99 including postage and packing  to the UK - £1.00 extra if paying by paypal.

£4.99 including postage and packing overseas - £1.00 extra if paying by paypal.

Author signed copies - hurry there is only 100 of these.

The first 100 signed limited edition books in both languages will be on a first come first served basis.

Price £5.75 including postage and packing to UK - £1.00 extra if paying by paypal.

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