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The Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue

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Rescue and re - homing centre for the Norwegian forest cat  and working together to promote the  preservation and original qualities of the breed



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 Hugin  - Dont bother me I'm at rest here by Ann & Keith Murphy Maysula kittens bred by Doreen
Maysula kittens
Ingimarr and Snøstjerne owned by Simon
Norgeskaukatt Ingimarr Norgeskaukatt Snostjerne
Evie. Rogal,Loki & Raven  owned by Sue and Mark
Raven  trying to get the hang of the tree. Eviejust hanging around & Loki looking exasperated!
Skautroll Raven Skautroll Evie & Skautroll Loki
Evie looking just gorgeous! Loki nice and chilled
Skautroll Evie Skautroll Loki
Loki I'm practising my posing. Rogal "absolutely gorgeous".
Skautroll Loki Skautroll Rogal
Rogal I am following Truls footsteps! This boy should be named Regal Rogal
Skautroll Rogal
Owned by Lorraine & John
Oslo - Bird Watching in the cat garden Villkatt - This is my bed!
Esbjørn a 9.9 kilos 3 year old boy and no fat :-) - and saying "hello Heimdall."
 Darkstar - looks like the fish has swallowed him! Owned by Anne and Steve
 Hugin  - owned by  Ann & Keith Murphy
I'm a coy boy really Hey who's that coming into my territory
Owned by Lou and Ting
Ermanaric Cersie
Rufus Rufus and Cersie
Premier Jarrahkatt Tyson who will be 14 years this year - Owned by  Marilynn Skulski
Owned by  Les Wheeler
Charlie Geronimo
Finn Tilly
Nogmog - owned by  Jacquie Parkes
Skoll owned by Diane Henderson  

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